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My Story

Dear all the moms who need help with their babies,


Hi I’m Jayla and I am 11 years old, I want to start a Baby Passionate Wings just like how my mom started Passionate Wings where she helps all the women, I want to help all those babies out there who don't have very many clothes. I can help you and I will get all the clothes that people donate. So when you come into passionate wings I will have a room that is dedicated to Baby Passionate Wings. If you ever go into Passionate Wings I can watch your kids (btw I am a good babysitter). So when I grow up to be just like my mommy and I want to help her like how she does. I will like to put everything that a baby could use including Diapers, baby powder, baby wipes, clothes, socks, shoes, bottles probably anything a  baby could use.  But thanks for reading my thing, Baby Passionate Wings…

Future Founder Of Baby Passionate Wings -Jayla Andreasen 2022

My Why

Baby Passionate Wings is designed to help out babies in need.
If they need diapers, wipes, clothes, or even just a hug.
I got you baby!!!!



Phone: 801-244-7856 or 801-520-1627

Registered Charity: 83-1658439    501C3

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